How to Cook Black Beans

Oh, mama mia, thanks to / cursed by this innocent, helpful post about cooking dry beans, I’ll have yet another source of anxiety when I go to the grocery store: the potential toxicity of BPA-free (!) canned beans. I am internally weeping. Back to the bulk bins.

The Zero-Waste Chef

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2014-04-20 17.44.14

I don’t eat canned beans (or canned anything for that matter), for several reasons:

  • Cans are lined with plastic that often contains BPA. Because of heightened consumer awareness of the hazards of this chemical, food companies have been quick to adopt alternatives —which may pose similar or worse health dangers.
  • Canned food tasted bad. I find that canned beans taste like plastic and have a slimy, mushy texture. Food cooked from scratch always wins.
  • I can control what goes into my food when I cook it myself. Canned beans usually have a ton of sodium. Mine don’t.
  • Dried beans can cost less than canned. A pound of dried beans makes about three cans worth of cooked beans. Three cans of organic beans will almost always cost more than a pound of dried organic beans.
  • Dried beans consume less oil in their…

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