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It’s Greener To Chop Down The Trees

Should I burn my books and get an iPad? No!It's Greener To Chop Down The Trees

I’m so glad this kind gentleman, Nick Moran, did the math on e-readers versus print books for me. While the use of paper for books hits our green reflex hard, I think a lot of us were dreading being guilted into switching to iPads or Kindles!

Click on the graph to visit The Millions and read Moran’s whole analysis, with even more charts!


Telling Your Kids What Elephants Used To Look Like

Telling Your Kids What Elephants Used To Look Like

“Come back, come back! Come back to us, you great, dead creatures of the earth.”

Which animals captured your imagination as a kid? Who was plush — a bear, a cow, a pig or bunny? (For me: yes, yes, yes, and yes.) Who was plastic? (A Brontosaurus, a.k.a longneck, for you Land Before Time fans.)

Which animal did you see at the zoo, or in a forest, that would break your heart to describe to a child this way: “No, those don’t exist anymore.”