The New York Times Says: Spend a Little More

The New York Times Case for Spending a Little More

I am so guilty of the patterns Carl Richards describes here: buying the bargain option that isn’t quite right or quite what you want. And I completely agree with the case he makes for changing that behavior!

Within reason (and budget), I’m trying to change how I make decisions with my money. Will a few dollars’ difference mean I truly enjoy and use the thing I want? Will the cheaper version make me feel like a prudent, hunter-gatherer winner today but end up being a disappointment or nuisance later?

As a corollary (maybe an inverse corollary?) I’m also trying to let price help me make decisions where I don’t know what I want. If I can’t decide which of two things’ attributes will make me happier as an owner/user/wearer/eater, that’s definitely the moment to save some dollars. And if I’m lucky, I’ll learn something from my decision.


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